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The quality of thermal spray consumables will affect the coatings you produce - their quality, consistency, cost, speed, efficiency and repeatability with which they are produced.

Aeromac Thermal therefore provides a wide range of quality Praxair, USA thermal spray powders and wires designed for use with thermal spray systems, each produced to strict specifications and quality control to ensure precise chemical composition and purity. We also offer masking solutions from Green Belting Industries.

Praxair     Praxair

Thermal Spray Powders

Pure Metals and Metal Alloy Powders

  • Aluminium based powders
  • Cobalt based powders
  • Copper based powders
  • Iron based powders
  • Molybdenum based powders
  • Nickel based powders
MCrAIY Powders
  • Cobalt based MCrAIY powders
  • Nickel based MCrAIY powders
Ceramic Powders
  • Aluminium Oxide based powders
  • Chromium Oxide based powders
  • Zirconium Oxide based powders
  • Yttrium Oxide based powders
Carbide Powders
  • Chromium Carbide based powders
  • APT (Advanced Powder Technology) based powders
  • Tungsten based powers
Precious Metal Based Powders
  • Precious metal based powders
Wires Metal Wires
  • Pure metals and various alloys
Cored Wires
  • Various types of cored wires such as Nickel Chrome Aluminium and Nickel Aluminium Molybdenum
Masking Solutions Thermal Spray Masking Solutions
  • Aluminium Foil Tapes
  • Fibreglass Cloth Tapes
  • HVOF Masking Tapes
  • Plasma Spray Masking Tapes
  • Pre-Cut Masking Profiles
  • Silicone Fabrics
  • Thermal Spray Masking Compound

More information on our masking solutions can be found in thermal spray systems.

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