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Additive manufacturing (AM) - otherwise commonly known as 3-D printing - has seen implementation in the manufacturing of niche products and plastic prototypes for engineers and designers. However it has also now begun to be part of mass production of critical parts for a wider range of applications in areas such as aerospace, automotive and medical. The benefits of AM include:
  • Costs less to manufacturing a part with a complex design
  • Fewer design constraints
  • Changes of design are easy - simply by changing the CAD file
  • Prototypes can be manufactured and used immediately
  • Reduce wastage because only the material that is needed is used
Aeromac Thermal provides a range of quality gas-atomized, spherical metal additive manufacturing powders from Praxair, USA to suit your range of applications. Praxair is one of the world's most reputed and advanced powder manufacturers which offers a complete line of metallic and ceramic powders for Additive Manufacturing, thermal spray and other applications.


  • Co-222 (Similar to MAR-M-509®)
  • Co-538 (Cobalt Chrome)
The additive manufacturing powders are:
  • Approved aerospace grade
  • Spherical free-flowing and fully dense
  • Available in standard and custom sizing and chemistries
  • Available in large lot sizes and R&D volumes
These gas atomized metal powders are available in a wide range of standard alloys for all your additive manufacturing techniques and applications.

These powders are custom-engineered for specific industries - including aerospace, automotive and medical - and the chemistries and particle sizing can be modified to ensure your finished products meet your performance and surface finish specifications.
  • Fe-271 (316 Stainless Steel. 316L variant is also available)
  • Fe-276 (17-4 PH Stainless Steel)
  • Fe-339 (Maraging Steel)
  • Fe-347 (15-5 Stainless Steel)
  • Ni-111 (Hastelloy®)
  • Ni-202 (Inconel® 718)
  • Ni-238 (Inconel® 939)
  • Ni-284 (Inconel® 738)
  • Ni-328 (Inconel® 625)
  • Ni-335 (MAR-M-247®)
  • Ni-365 (Rene™ 142)
  • Ni-914 (Pure Nickel)
  • Ni-1066 (Inconel® 617)
  • Ni-1111 (Haynes® 282)
  • Ti-101 (Ti6Al4V, Grades 5 and 23)
  • Ti-201 (Ti Aluminide)
  • Ti-301 (Ti6242)
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