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Hard-surfacing involves the use of a hard-surfacing alloy (in powder, rod, wire or castings form) to provide an excellent defense against wear mechanisms such as abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high-temperatures encountered in service to your new or old equipment.

The key benefits of hard-surfacing are as follows:
  • Minimizes downtime to replace worn or broken components (hard-surfaced parts can last up to 3 times longer than non-surfaced ones).
  • Reduces spare parts inventory by reducing the amount of replacements needed.
  • Reduces costs. On older equipment, in particular, hard surfacing costs 25 to 75 percent less than replacing worn parts.
Aeromac Thermal provides a range of Wall Colmonoy, USA hard-surfacing equipment and alloys to suit various requirements. For over 75 years, Wall Colmonoy has been the global leader in the manufacture and application of surfacing products. The specially formulated COLMONOY® and WALLEX™ surfacing alloys extend the useful life of engineered components for  global industries such as Oil and Gas, Glass Container, Rubber and Plastics, Power Generation, and Steel.
Wall Colmonoy

Nickel-based Alloys
The Colmonoy family of nickel powder and nickel rods offer superior wear protection, retaining their hardness up to 600°C (1112°F) with significant resistance to oxidation. To suit different application methods, our Surfacing Alloys are available in a full range of sizes and specifications as Powder, Rod, Wire, and Castings. Powders can be Gas or Water atomized and produced to specific alloy formulations.
Cobalt-based Alloys
These cobalt alloys have excellent wear and corrosion resistance and can withstand elevated temperatures.
Customer-specific Alloys Many customers have applications which require specific alloys in order to achieve specific required coating properties. We can work with you to help address specific requirements.

Spraywelder™ System The reliable Spraywelder™ System offers tight spray patterns and high spray rates to produce dense, wear resistant overlays.
Fusewelder Torch® The Fusewelder Torch® is a special oxyacetylene torch which preheats the base metal, sprays powdered alloy and fuses deposits to the workpiece – all with one integrated unit.

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