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Brazing is a process for joining similar or dissimilar metals using a filler metal that typically includes a base of copper combined with silver, nickel, zinc or phosphorus. Brazing differs from welding in that brazing does not melt the base metals, therefore brazing temperatures are lower than the melting points of the base metals. A brazed joint will in many cases be as strong or stronger than the based metals being joined. Typically brazing is employed in various applications such as manufacturing compressors, diesel engine circulation tubes, mining tools, plumbing fixtures, jewelry, musical instruments, refrigerators, condensers, automotive and aerospace applications.

Aeromac Thermal provides a range of Wall Colmonoy, USA brazing equipment and alloys to suit various requirements. Wall Colmonoy is the pioneer in high temperature brazing alloys for over 60 years. The Nicrobraz® product is represented by more than 20 filler metals, together with a comprehensive line of stop-offs, cements, binders, fluxes and blasting grit.
Wall Colmonoy

Wall Colmonoy Nicrobraz® products are approved by NADCAP, Pratt & Whitney LCS, General Electric, Rolls Royce and meets industry specifications such as AWS, AMS etc.

The original nickel-based brazing filler metal, invented by Wall Colmonoy, is the most widely applied range of high-temperature nickel-based brazing alloys. Available as powder, paste and tapes and rods.
The latest in the family of Wall Colmonoy brazing filler metals, Niferobraz™ is a new range of iron-based brazing filler metals. These alloys confer excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature.
Iron-based Alloys
CuBraz™ is a copper-based brazing filler for furnace brazing low-carbon and high-alloy steels. It is available in powder or suspended in a gel binder packaged in disposable cartridges.
Customer-specific Brazing Filler Metals Many customers have applications which require specific brazing alloys in order to achieve required joining properties. We can work with you on customizing alloys for your specific application.
Brazing Aids
  • Stop-Off™
  • Nicrobraz® Flux
  • S’ Binders™
  • Nicrobraz® Cements
  • NicroBlast™ Grit
  • Nicrogap™

NicroSpray® System The NicroSpray® System is specifically developed for applying Nicrobraz® brazing filler metal powders or any free flowing powdered material which requires a liquid binder for adherence to a workpiece – evenly, quickly and smoothly.

The NicroSpray® System is unique in that dry and wet feed separately and combine only when they leave the nozzle and flow rates are individually controlled.

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