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Aeromac Thermal supplies GTV GmBH Laser Cladding Systems and materials.

GTV's Laser Cladding systems have been successfully implemented laser clad coatings for a variety of applications e.g. gas turbine rotor coatings, valve ball coatings, internal diameter coatings, etc and mobile on-site laser clad repair coatings. These systems can be supplied on a turnkey basis complete with robotics, part manipulators, acoustic booth and dust collector, or on a modular basis.

Aeromac Thermal also supplies a range of Wall Colmonoy, USA laser cladding powder and wire alloys for the protection and renovation of critical industrial components.

GTV Laser Cladding Turnkey Systems

GTV Laser Power Controller

The GTV Laser Power Control system is designed for laser power control during the laser process. An intelligent camera directly records the laser spot of the laser welding through a coupling optics at the tip of the laser nozzle. The obtained image is evaluated in the camera using the LPC algorithm for image processing. The laser power is then apdapted to the process so that the melt pool characteristics are optimal with regard to the requested parameters. Four digital outputs of the camera are used for information transfer between the camera and the laser controller. The signals are detected by the laser unit and directly fed into the laser power control. The system is characterized by high reliability, ease of use and great flexibility both in hardware and in software.

GTV "CladdOn" Compact Laser Control with Integrated Powder Feeder Unit

The compact GTV laser control with integrated powder feed unit "CladdOn“ was developed for fast and efficient entry into laser cladding applications. The process visualization and control is carried out via a Siemens touch screen and a fold-out keyboard integrated in the front panel. This compact design is fully integrated as one unit on wheels allowing an unprecendented combination of mobility and operation.

Nickel-based Alloys
  • 125L: 1.8B-2.5Si-0.4Fe Bal Ni (HRC 30)
  • 133L: 0.3C-5.8Cr-1.0N-4.1Si-1.5Fe Bal Ni (HRC 36)
  • 133L-W2C: 133L with Tungsten Carbide (HRC 36)
  • 1101: 0.45C-10.0Cr-1.75B-3.15Si-2.5Fe-7.5Mo Bal Ni (HRC 50)
  • 88L: 0.7C-15.0Cr-3.0-B-4.0Si-3.5Fe-15.5W Bal Ni (HRC 59-64)
  • 625: <0.1C-21.5Cr-<0.5Si-<0.5Fe-9.0Mo Bal Ni (HRB 97)
The laser clad alloys are supplied as 100-270 mesh size. Other sizes available upon request. Note: Colmonoy® 88 is available as powder or cored wire.
Cobalt-based Alloys
  • Wallex 1: 2.3C-30.0Cr-1.3Si-12.5W (HRC 50-55)
  • Wallex 6: 1.0C-29.0Cr-1.3Si-4.5W (HRC 38-44)
  • Wallex 12: 1.8C-29.0Cr-1.3Si-9W (HRC 45-50)
  • Wallex 40: 0.6C-16.2Cr-2.0B-1.9Si-23.5Ni-7.6W (HRC 40-47)
  • Wallex 50: 0.8C-19.0Cr-3.4B-2.8Si-18.0Ni-10.0W (HRC 56-61)
GTV Laser Cladding Powder 
  • IN625
  • Hastelloy C276
  • NiBSi 22 HRC
  • NiCrBSi 30 HRC
  • NiCrBSi 40 HRC
  • NiCrBSi 50 HRC
  • NiCrBSi 60 HRC
  • NiCrBSi CuMo
  • Stellite 1
  • Stellite 6
  • Stellite SF6
  • Stellite 12
  • Stellite 21
  • T-400
  • T-800
  • Fe Based Alloys (308L, 431, 316L, 410L)
  • FeCrV15
  • FeCrV12
  • Carbide Reinforced Powders (NiBSi/WSC, NiCrBSi/FTC)
Customer-specific Alloys Many customers have applications which require specific alloys in order to achieve specific required coating properties. We can work with you to help address specific requirements.

GTV Powder Feeder Systems The GTV PF Series of Powder Feeders are an advancement of the PT Twin system which is in use for more than 30 years and has proven itself in the field of thermal spraying. In addition, the feeder is used frequently in laser technology including Laser Cladding and Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) based on its extreme feeding precision - even at low feed rates.

The special plate feeder principle with powder suction guarantees exact and precisely reproducible powder feed rates. The powder feed rate is linearly proportional to the plate speed. For all standard units, there are stand-alone versions, e.g. with own PLC and display. All relevant parameters (such as plate and stirrer speed) are set and displayed using the Siemens display (TP177) in the front of the console. Commands can also be entered via the monitor of the plasma/HVOF controller console. In addition, the standard powder feeder has an interface that can be addressed externally, for example, by a robot.

Available powder feeder models include PF 2/1, PF 2/2, PF 3/3, PF 4/2, PF 4/3, PF 4/4, PF 1/1W, PF 2/2W, PF 3/3W, PF 2/1LC, PF 2/2LC

Typical Specifications:
  • Cabinet with keyboard
  • Siemens S7 PLC
  • Siemens Operating Panel TP 177 (Colour display and touch screen)
  • Float-type flow meters for visual inspection
  • Up to 4 Driven powder feed units with stirrer installation
  • Powder Container volume 1.5, 5 or 0.3 litres upon request (for laser application without stirrer)
  • Different types of stirrers (standard or with pins or small plates) available for the powder feeders in order to adjust the container unit to suit various flow characteristics.
  • Option: hopper heater jackets
  • Option: mass flow controller
  • Option: system on scales (weight loss control)
  • All special requests
The GTV powder feeder can also be used for thermal spray applications.
GTV Powder Feeder Series

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